Faculty Engagement

The Center for International and Regional Studies (CIRS) provides a number of research opportunities to the faculty of the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar. CIRS provides a fellowship program for selected Georgetown faculty to engage in research projects related to their expertise. CIRS sponsors day-long research workshops where faculty members engage with international participants in discussions on a forthcoming publication. In addition, CIRS offers grants to faculty researchers interested in carrying out original fieldwork on issues related to the Gulf, the Middle East, and beyond.

CIRS Faculty Publication Series

CIRS Faculty Publication SeriesAs part of its efforts to facilitate scholarly endeavors by Georgetown faculty and encourage the publication of original works of scholarship, CIRS is pleased to announce its Faculty Publication Series. The series is open to all Georgetown faculty based in Doha and in Washington, DC.

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CIRS Georgetown Grants

CIRS Georgetown GrantsWith a goal of contributing to the existing body of knowledge about the region through original research, CIRS awards research grants to faculty members from Georgetown University. CIRS funds empirically-based, original research projects, and creates a scholarly forum through sponsored research meetings where grant recipients share their research findings with other academics, policymakers, and practitioners.

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CIRS Faculty Fellowships

CIRS Faculty Fellowships

In order to enhance research opportunities for members of the university, CIRS ‎offers an annual fellowship to a member of the SFS-Q faculty. The ‎fellowship entails a course release per academic year to enable ‎concentration on a research project and to ‎contribute to CIRS’s research agenda. ‎

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CIRS Faculty Research Workshops

Jeremy KoonsThe CIRS Faculty Research Workshop, in the form of a one-day closed-door seminar, gathers together a small number of scholars and experts in a particular field to critique a & manuscript authored by a Georgetown University in Qatar faculty member. CIRS provides SFS-Qatar faculty with a forum in which a forthcoming manuscript can be discussed by invited participants. 

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CIRS Faculty Lectures

CIRS Faculty LecturesThe Center for International and Regional Studies invites faculty members from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar to deliver a variety of public lectures on topics of their expertise. A scholarly forum is created through a lecture series of Monthly Dialogues and Focused Discussions directed at the community in Qatar.

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