CURA Research Fellows

Current Fellows

qayyumAbdul Rehmaan Qayyum

Abdul Rehmaan Qayyum (class of 2021) is a sophomore at GU-Q majoring in International Economics. He is from Pakistan and is working as a Research Assistant with CIRS Associate Director Zahra Babar on projects focusing on migration patterns within the Gulf states. He is personally interested in researching the workforce conditions within Qatar, as well as the mechanism of the international stock market.



Past Fellows

logo alt.Ibtesam Abaza (2014-2015) 




nadaNada Abdelhay (2015-2016) 

Nada Abdelhay (class of 2016) worked as a student Research Assistant with Professor Firat Oruc and assisted him with primary and secondary research on the history of cultural exchanges and social interactions between Arab and Ottoman communities during the past two centuries. Her research interests revolved around topics in Islamic law, gender empowerment, and history. After graduation, Nada worked as a Research Fellow at GU-Q and as a Disaster Response Coordinator at Qatar Red Crescent. Following that, she also worked as a Course Assistant at GU-Q during the 2017-2018 academic year.

abdullahAbdullah Ahmed (2016-2017) 

Abdullah Ahmed (class of 2016) graduated from GU-Q with a major in International Economics. He served president of the Student Government Association during his senior year. As a student, Abdullah interned at the Qatar Development Bank, Silatech, and Mathaf Museum of Modern Art, and he currently works for the government of Qatar.



AsmaAsma Al-Adawi (2008-2009)

Asma Al-Adawi was a member of the inaugural class of GU-Q, graduating in 2009. She majored in International Politics and was an active member of the Georgetown community in addition to being one of the first CIRS student fellows. She co-founded HELP, a student-led initiative that focuses on educational enrichment of service providers on campus. Asma currently works as a Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist at Bunduq Oil Producing Company.




EmanEman Al Asfoor (2012-2013) 

Eman Al Asfoor (class of 2013) graduated with a major in international economics. Eman continued her studies by pursuing a master's degree in Public Administration from Syracuse University. She is currently working at the Bahrain Economic Development Board.



awatifAwatif Al Habsi (2016-2017) 

Awatif Al Habsi graduated from Georgetown University in Qatar as a member of the class of 2018. As an undergraduate, she pursued her major in International Economics. She participated in many extra curricular activities including the Zones of Conflict/Zones of Peace trip to Zanzibar. Awatif gained considerable professional experience by interning at several organizations including the United States Embassy in Qatar and Petroleum Development Oman. She is currently interning with The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).


 yaraYara Alkahala (2017-2018) 

Yara Alkahala (class of 2018) graduated from GU-Q with a major in International Economics. She was an active student at GU-Q and participated in the Zones of Conflict/Zones of Peace research trip to Japan and served on the university’s student government association. She was also on the organizing committee of the annual MESSA conference and interned at United States Embassy in Qatar.


TamimTamim Al-Nuweiri (2014-2015) 

Tamim Al-Nuweiri (class of 2016) graduated from GU-Q with a major in International Economics. After graduating, Tamim pursued a career as a writer and has written on various topics including music, beauty, fashion, and wellness. Tamim is a regular contributor to several notable publications including Fashionista, Nylon, Into the Gloss, and others.



YasmineYasmine Al-Sayyad (2009-2010)

Yasmine Al-Sayyad is an Egyptian freelance journalist living in New York City. She is a dual MA student in journalism and Middle Eastern studies at New York University. She graduated from GU-Q with a BSc in Foreign Service. Yasmine previously worked as a Corporate Affairs Coordinator in the Microsoft Middle East and Africa headquarters before pursuing further studies.



Supporting Social Science Research in a Turbulent Middle EastNoof Hamad Al-Thani (2016-2017) 




asliAslı Altınışık (2015-2016) 

Aslı Altınışık (class of 2016) worked as a research assistant for Professor Firat Oruc during 2015-2016. After completing her degree at GU-Q, Aslı enrolled in the American University of Beirut to pursue a master's degree in Middle Eastern Studies. Her thesis is on the National Museum in Beirut, Lebanon, and its role in forming and shaping the contestations of nationalism in the country.


SafaSafa Babikir (2016-2017) 

Safa Babikir graduated from GU-Q as a member of the class of 2017. At CIRS, she helped Dr. Mehran Kamrava by conducting research on an array of Gulf and Middle East projects. During her time at Georgetown, Safa also interned at Education Above All and participated in the student-led HELP program that focuses on teaching English language skills to the service providers in the university.


wesleyWesley Chen (2017-2018) 

Wesley Chen (class of 2020) is a junior at GU-Q, pursuing a major in International Politics with a certificate in American Studies. He currently works as a research assistant to Dr. Uday Chandra, researching democratic politics and populism in contemporary India. Wesley’s work with CIRS primarily involves surveying the wider literature on populism and extracting comparative insights, in addition to preparing an index for another book by Dr. Chandra.


mariamMariam Diefellah (2016-2017) 

Mariam Diefellah (class of 2017) graduated from GU-Q with a major in Culture and Politics. She also earned a certificate in Media and Politics and was selected as an undergraduate research fellow for the coveted Education and Social Justice Fellowship. Mariam participated in many clubs and activities at GU-Q including the Bollywood Club. She currently works as an Account Executive at Weber Shandwick.


SarahSarah Elzeini (2013-2014) 

Sarah Elzeini currently is serving as Executive Director of Gabr Foundation, a nonprofit foundation in Washington, DC, which aims to enhance critical understanding and cooperation among young, emerging leaders in the Arab world and the West. Her regional focus is US- Middle East affairs, and her research interests include the foreign policy of the United States, Arab cultural politics, conflict resolution, and counter-terrorism.



harbMohammad Harb (2016-2017) 

Mohammad Harb graduated from Georgetown University in Qatar as a member of the class of 2014. As an undergraduate student, he majored in Culture and Politics and after graduation, he joined GU-Q as a Student Development Officer. Later, he went on to pursue a master's degree from Harvard in Middle Eastern Studies where he also served as the co-chair of Arab conference at Harvard.


amieAmie Victoria Hewka 

Amie Victoria Hewka (class of 2019) is a senior in International Affairs at GU-Q. In addition to pursing her major in Culture and Politics, she also works at CIRS as a Research Assistant, focusing primarily on contemporary politics in the Middle East. Originally from England, the majority of Amie’s past work experience is in ESL teaching, where she has taught in China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Qatar. Her main research interests are in migration and conflict studies, as well as transnational understandings of feminism.


SanaSana Jamal (2012-2013) 

Sana Jamal is a former Associate Editor (Central and South Asia) at Fair Observer. She has previously worked as a Research Intern at CIRS. At GU-Q, she majored in International Politics with a concentration in International Security.




AminahAminah Ali Kandar (2012-2013) 

Aminah Ali Kandar graduated from GU-Q as a member of the class of 2013. She pursued a major in International Politics and has remained an active member of the GU-Q and Education City communities. After graduation, she worked for Al Jazeera and for the Doha International Family Institute (DIFI). Currently, she a senior communications specialist at the University of Calgary in Qatar.



DianaDianna Manalastas (2011-2012) 

Dianna Manalastas graduated with a degree in Culture and Politics from GU-Q as a member of the class of 2012. After graduating, Dianna worked with the organization Teach for America and currently works as the Recruitment Manager at Harlem Village Academies.




EmmaEmma Mogensen (2016-2017) 

Emma Mogensen (class of 2018) majored in International History at GU-Q. Originally from Denmark, she has lived in Qatar since 2009. She worked as a Research Assistant at CIRS, conducting research on labor migration and citizenship in the GCC countries, among other topics concerning international migration. Her research interests revolve around migration and transnational activist networks, as well as global understandings of citizenship and feminism.


DwaaDwaa Osman (2010-2011)

Dwaa Osman (class of 2011) graduated from GU-Q with a major in International Politics. After graduating, she joined CIRS as a research analyst. Later, she continued her education and studied local economic development at London School of Economics. She currently works as a Senior Knowledge Analyst at the Boston Consulting Group.



FatimaFatima Ramadan Sanz (2012-2013)

Fatima Ramadan Sanz (class of 2013) graduated from GU-Q with a major in International Politics. She helped conduct research the various projects and initiatives at CIRS. After graduating from GU-Q, Fatima joined Teach for Qatar as a Talent Acquisition and Development Specialist.



mohamedMohamed Sirelkhatim (2012-2014) 

Mohamed Sirelkhatim graduated from GU-Q as a member of the class of 2015. He was actively involved as a student and served as president of the Student Government Association. He interned at the United States Embassy in Qatar as a Foreign Commercial Service Research Intern. Mohamed currently works as an events and gaming specialist at ADabisc Future Qatar.


zohaibZohaib Tahir (2017-2018) 

Zohaib Tahir graduated from Georgetown University in Qatar as a member of the class of 2018. In his fourth year, he joined the CIRS as a research assistant to Professor Karl Widerquist, working on the economics of basic income experiments. Zohaib is now working as an in-country analyst for Euromonitor International, conducting quantitative and qualitative research on consumer products and industries in Doha, Qatar.



CURA Summer Fellows

t1Tessa Martin (2014) 

Tessa Martin pursued her undergraduate studies at McGill University where she studied Middle East Studies. She later enrolled at the London School of Economics to pursue her a master's degree in International Relations. Tessa currently works as recruiter at Chemonics International.



s1Sahar Naqvi (2017) 

Sahar Naqvi graduated from McGill University with the class of 2018. She assisted Dr. Mehran Kamrava and Zahra Babar with their research projects during her time at CIRS, on various topics including migrant labor in the Gulf.




e1Erika Nguyen (2016) 

Erika Nguyen was a summer intern at CIRS in 2016. Presently, Erika is working as a coordinator for Human Rights Watch, focusing on development and outreach in Silicon Valley. Preiously, she lived and worked in Jordan and Qatar, where she organized conferences with the American Middle Eastern Network for Dialogue at Stanford, and worked at organizations such as Participant Media, the Stanford Social Innovation Review, and the Center for International Security and Cooperation. Originally from Portland, Oregon, Erika completed her BA at Stanford University in 2017, where she majored in International Relations,and graduated with honors from the Graduate School of Education.

neilNeil Udassi

Neil Udassi is a first year undergraduate student pursuing a BS degree in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology at Yale University. He worked as a Research Assistant at CIRS, developing his academic research capabilities in literature review and article authorship through projects currently under the administration of the CIRS Director  and Associate Director. Neil has extensive research experience in the realms of social and natural sciences, having engaged in work at Weill Cornell-Qatar's Department of Oncology and the University of Florida's Department of Surgery.