Ed Husain on the Jihadist Movement

On March 4, 2008, Ed Husain visited SFS-Q to meet with Georgetown University students and to engage with them in an informal group discussion. Husain was in Qatar as a guest on the Doha Debates show which had filmed a day earlier the debate entitled "This House Believes that Muslims are Failing to Combat Extremism" in which he was for the motion. He is the deputy director of The Quilliam Foundation, which is a Muslim organization against extremism and author of The Islamist: Why I joined Radical Islam in Britain, What I Saw Inside and Why I Left, published by Penguin in 2007.

Husain discussed his book which describes his descent into, and then subsequent break from, radical Islam. He engaged with the students and answered their questions regarding his experiences as a former British Jihadist who managed to disengage from extremism.