CIRS and GRC Al-Jisr Project

On October 11–14, 2009, the Al-Jisr working group participants were invited to Doha by CIRS and the Gulf Research Center (GRC) to conduct the project’s second meeting. Supported by the European Commission, Al-Jisr is a two-year project on “Public Diplomacy and Outreach devoted to the European Union and EU-GCC Relations.” The initiative aims to enhance public as well as professional knowledge and understanding of the European Union and its policies and institutions among GCC citizens. 

Over the course of two years, the Al-Jisr working group participants are to conduct research on a multitude of issues related to the EU and GCC ranging from higher education analysis to political reform and trade relations between the two entities. 

During the Doha meeting, Al-Jisr project leaders Christian Koch and Giacomo Luciani gave an overview of the meeting’s main aims and objectives, citing it to be comprehensive research and the results of which will be invaluable to EU and GCC policy toward each other. 

Most of the topics under discussion were focused on outlining the economic status of GCC countries and in-depth analysis of particular economic enterprises ranging from oil and gas production and exports to exchange rate policies and joint venture formations between the EU and GCC countries. In addition, a wide range of related subjects such as economic diversification into alternative and nuclear energies, tourism, and other socio-economic initiatives were also discussed. At the project’s conclusion, all the chapters will be published as an edited volume which will be instrumental in guiding future EU-GCC policies. 


Participants and Discussants include:

Christian Koch, GRCF, Geneva
Giacomo Luciani, GRC Al-Jisr Project
Zahra Babar, CIRS, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar
Selen Guerin, The Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels
John Sasuya, GRC
Joerg Beutel, Konstanz University of Applied Sciences
Ali Aissaoui, APICORP
Hans-Georg Müller, GTZ, Damascus
Mehran Kamrava, CIRS, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar 
Carol Lancaser, Georgetown University
Eckart Wörtz, GRC, Dubai 
Attiya Ahmad, Duke Islamic Studies Center
Jocelyn Mitchell, Georgetown University
Nate Hodson, Princeton University
Rachida Amsaghrou, GRCF, Geneva
Ana Echagüe, FRIDE, Madrid
Raja Alkami, Asian Studies Center
Shannon McNulty, Texas A&M University at Qatar
Kenneth Wilson, National Research Foundation, UAE
Steffen Hertog, Sciences Po, Paris
Khalid Almezaini, University of Exeter
Edward Burke, FRIDE, Madrid
Abdelkader Latrèche, Government of Planning, Qatar
Natalia Alshakhanbeh, World Trade Organization, Geneva
Suzi Mirgani, CIRS, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar
Abdullah Baabood, GRC Cambridge 
Radhika Kanchana, Sciences Po, Paris


Article by Suzi Mirgani, CIRS Publications Coordinator