Improving Single Male Laborers' (SMLs) Health in Qatar
Valter Hero
Norm and Dissidence
Egyptian Shiʿa between Security Approaches and Geopolitical Stakes
Environmental politics
Environmental Politics in the Middle East
Political Economy of the Contemporary Middle East
American Missionaries, ARAMCO, and the Birth of the US-Saudi Special Relationship, 1889-1955
HERO: History of Revolution
New Book: A Concise History of Revolution
Shama Hero
To Shoot or to Defect?
Military Responses to the Arab Uprisings
Annual Report
CIRS Annual Report
HERO: Sport
New Book: Sport, Politics, and Society in the Middle East

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The Center for International and Regional Studies sponsors major studies of regional and international significance, including research initiatives in the areas of international relations, political economy, and domestic politics of the Gulf. CIRS regularly identifies emerging socio-economic and political trends in the region, and develops research initiatives in areas which require further focused scholarship.

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CIRS publication about food security in the Middle EastThe Center for International and Regional Studies publishes various types of research throughout the academic year. The CIRS Publications Series includes Books, Summary Reports (in English and Arabic), Occasional Papers, Asia PapersAnnual Reports, Newsletters, and Briefs. Through its publications, CIRS provides in-depth examination of ideas and issues of contemporary academic and political significance.

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