Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP)

Student research at SFS-Qatar is funded through the Qatar National Research Fund's (QNRF) dedicated student research fund - the Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP). The UREP promotes “Learning by Doing” and “Hands-On” mentorship activities as effective methods for undergraduate education. In addition to a research-based education, students gain experience with team-based research collaboration with faculty and other undergraduates or research staff in Qatar.

The UREP maximizes faculty-student interaction, and enhances the learning experiences of undergraduate students by encouraging faculty members to integrate students into their ongoing scholarly and professional activities.

SFS-Qatar UREP Awards

Students at Georgetown's School of Foreign Service in Qatar have received a number of UREP awards to study topics of importance to Qatar's national development or national interests.Use the list below to learn about projects that were awarded by UREP.
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UREP Funding

The UREP funding cycle occurs once yearly, and opens for submission in the Spring and Fall of each year. The application is through the online system, and involves registering on the QNRF website as a UREP participant.