Research Initiatives

Research Initiatives

The Political Economy of the Gulf

Under The Political Economy of the Gulf project, scholars examined topics such as the role of sovereign wealth funds; the rise and fall of the "Dubai model;" regional patterns of economic development; the political economy of rentierism; food security; knowledge based economies; Islamic banking; efforts at GCC monetary union; and other similar topics. The ultimate product of this research project is a book on The Political Economy of the Persian Gulf, published by Hurst/Columbia University Press.

The CIRS research project on ‘The Political Economy of the Gulf’ was launched in 2009. As with other CIRS research initiatives, after a thorough review of existing literature on the topic, certain gaps were identified meriting further original research and scholarship. Select scholars were invited to participate in a working group for focused discussions on a range of sub-topics. During these meetings the participants contributed their expertise, and began working on papers in their area specialties.

Political Economy of the Gulf
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As part of its Research and Scholarship initiatives, CIRS organizes several ongoing Working Groups that convene in Doha to examine a variety of international issues. The primary purpose of CIRS research initiatives is to fill in existing research gaps, and to contribute towards furthering knowledge on the prevailing issues related to security, economic stability, and the political realm of the region. Each of these projects involves some of the most prominent scholars of the Middle East and the Gulf region. Each scholar participating will be working on a specific sub-topic, under the overarching subject.

Working Group Meetings

The Political Economy of the Gulf Summary Report details research conducted at the CIRS "Political Economy of the Gulf" working group meetings held in Doha over the course of two years.

Summary Report

political economy

Mehran Kamrava, ed., The Political Economy of the Persian Gulf (Oxford University Press/Hurst, 2012).