Research Initiatives

Research Initiatives

2. Lecture Series

The Qatar FIFA World Cup in November and December 2022 in Qatar will be the first such tournament in the Middle East. The Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 Lecture Series will cover the implications of staging one of the world’s largest sporting events on the social, political, and economic development of Qatar as well as on regional and global affairs.


Upcoming Lectures:

Nov 16 Mon
Qatar´s Football Journey: From First Games on Sand to Hosting the World as Asian Champions

Qatar has no football history, or so the critics say. Now Doha-born journalist and author Matthias Krug sets out to debunk that myth by telling the inside story of the country’s most cherished football and sporting moments and players over the past six decades.

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Past Lectures 

DavidThe 2022 World Cup in Qatar in Historical Perspective
David Goldblatt, October 6, 2020

British sociologist, journalist, and bestselling author David Goldblatt surveyed the economics, politics, and urban development that have accompanied the upcoming event and compared them to past World Cups in this first lecture of the series.

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