Conference and Workshop Program Funding (CWSP)

The Conference and Workshop Sponsorship Program (CWSP) is an initiative of Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) that aims to promote collaboration between researchers in Qatar with their peers and colleagues, both at home and abroad, by exposing researchers and students to new research directions, findings, and education techniques. The grant allows for the convening of meetings of relevant experts to discuss matters of significance to Qatar’s national interests, and provides an excellent opportunity for faculty and students to expand their research projects.

Applicants are required to possess a terminal degree in the field of relevance to the application, however a PhD is not necessary.For further information about the CWSP, see the dedicated Georgetown SFS-Qatar webpage here.



Faculty members at Georgetown's School of Foreign Service in Qatar have received a number of CWSP awards to promote topics of importance to Qatar's national development or national interests. For details of previous SFS-Qatar CWSP projects, visit our dedicated  CWSP Awards webpage.
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Apply to CWSP

Application is through an online system, and involves the completion of several sections including, among others: project description, timeline, project plan and budget.

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