CIRS GU-Q Faculty Fellow 2018-2019

MusunduPhoebe Musandu is a scholar of African history. She has research interests in African historical methodology, mass media and has published papers in women and gender history. Her last major research project resulted in a manuscript she is preparing for publication that examines the establishment and operations of various secular newspapers in East Africa between 1899 and 1990. As a consequence of working on this project, she has also developed an interest in the history of other forms of mass media as well as African commercial history which she intends to cultivate in the long-term. Phoebe obtained her doctoral degree from the University of California Los Angeles' Department of History.

As a CIRS GU-Q fellow, Musandu is conducting research about the business and politics of the postcolonial East African print media sector. This project will examine the operations of Kenya’s major newspapers between 1960 and 1990. Musandu will argue that most were established and managed with the objective of enabling the interests that controlled them to permeate the political field and other sectors of the economy that had little or nothing to do with newspapers or the media. That is, newspapers acted as bases from which to affect various centres of power. At the same time, they served as media for the production of conformity, steering public opinion towards those positions.


CIRS Qatar University Fellow 2018-2019

alanoodDr. Alanoud Al-Maadeed is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Qatar University. She received a PhD in Economics and Finance from Brunel University London in 2016 with a thesis entitled “Effects of Oil Prices, Food Prices and Macroeconomic News on GCC Stock Markets.” She was selected to join the Rising Leaders program at Qatar Leadership Center, and completed it in 2018. Dr. Al-Maadeed is a recognized researcher in the fields of economies of time series, the GCC stock market, and behavioral finance, and has taught courses such as Principles of Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy. She participated in several conferences and seminars nationally and internationally, including some led by Noble Laureates, and is involved in many research projects, including “Qatar stock market through a behavioral lens.” Dr. Al-Maadeed earned the Emir of Qatar Award in Qatar Educational Excellence Day Event (PhD Category) in 2017, and was awarded the Excellence in Services Award from Qatar University, College of Business and Economics in 2018. She also achieved the Prize of Impact and Innovation in Doctoral Research in Economics from Brunel University 2016.

During her fellowship at CIRS, Al-Maadeed investigates the effects of newspaper coverage of macro news on financial markets in several GCC countries (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait) using daily data for the period 1997–2017. The econometric analysis is based on the estimation of two alternative non-linear models, and a Markov switching model.


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