CIRS Faculty Research Initiative: Global Public Policy

Request for Proposals

The Center for International and Regional Studies (CIRS) at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar invites members of the Georgetown University faculty, based either in Doha or in Washington D.C., to submit proposals under a major new research initiative designed to support original scholarship on the topic of "Global Public Policy." The purpose of the CIRS Faculty Research Initiative is to support social science research efforts addressing some of the most pressing policy challenges of our time that increasingly inhabit a transnational space and involve global public goods and collective action.

CIRS will provide a summer research stipend of $10,000 to the successful faculty member who will be leading the faculty research initiative.




Purpose and Scope of the Project

In a globalized world where territory and space is being constantly reconfigured and redefined, the public sphere and the issues that challenge the human condition have become increasingly transnational. Within this environment, we have consequently seen the emergence of global and regional policy practices and interventions, developed and promoted by governments, non-state actors and international organizations. In line with this, the Center for International Regional Studies is launching a major new research initiative in the area of "Global Public Policy." This initiative will support members of the Georgetown University faculty in engaging in research that aligns with their own interests and expertise on global public policy. The successful candidate will provide the intellectual guidance and overall substantive parameters of the research initiative. The research will be conducted under the rubric of CIRS and through the template used by CIRS for its research initiatives. Faculty members are encouraged to submit proposals that focus on a variety of topics in the field of global public policy, including but not limited to the following: health, education, environment, climate change, security, resources, economics, energy, human rights, development, and sustainability.

Successful candidates will be asked to lead a one-year research initiative under the aegis of CIRS, to commence in in the spring of 2016. This research initiative includes the convening of two Working Group meetings that will take place over the course of the year and will be held either in Washington D.C. or in Doha, Qatar. The final outcome of the research initiative is a published volume or a journal special issue that will be edited by the successful faculty member.

The first Working Group, which will launch the project, will be in the form of a closed-door, two-day seminar, and will gather together a small number of renowned scholars in order to start preliminary work on the project. This gathering will consist of a series of structured brainstorming sessions in which existing gaps in the scholarship will be identified and the original research questions for the project will be determined. During the first Working Group there will be no formal papers presented. Invited scholars will be asked instead to participate in or lead group discussions on topics related to their areas of expertise. Based on the Working Group discussions, scholars will be invited to contribute original papers to be included in the final product.

The second Working Group will be held six months after the first meeting, and all project participants will be asked to submit their draft chapter in advance of this meeting. Contributors are meant to come for the second Working Group having read all the papers, and prepared to provide feedback and commentary. Following on from the second Working Group, contributors will have approximately six weeks to make changes and amendments to their papers before submitting their final draft.


Submission Details

Faculty members interested in submitting proposals are asked to provide an abstract of their proposed research, a complete project description outlining the scope and objective of the research effort, two sample publications, and the curriculum vitae of the Principal Investigator. As part of their submission, applicants will be expected to identify 15-20 sub-topics on relevant issues that need to be examined, as well as a list of scholars with the requisite expertise to undertake research on these sub-topics. While project proposals can only be submitted by Georgetown University faculty members, scholars from any other institution can be proposed for inclusion in the project itself.



The proposal abstract must be a maximum of 250 words. The abstract must include the overall context and tentative thesis of the project, its significance and contribution to existing knowledge on Global Public Policy, and what the proposed project contributes to the current literature on the ‎topic.‎ ‎


Complete Project Description ‎ ‎

The complete project description must be a maximum of 10 pages, double-spaced, in font no ‎smaller than 11 point. The project description should elaborate on the overall purpose of the ‎research to be undertaken, the specific questions that the research proposes to address, and how an edited volume on this topic will address gaps in the literature on Global Public Policy. The project description will also provide a list of 15 to 20 sub-topics that will be explored and the names and institutional affiliations of scholars to be invited to work on these sub-topics.


Project Timeline

The expectation is that the research initiative will commence in the spring of 2016, with the first Working Group being held between February and May, the second Working Group being held in the early autumn of 2016. A more detailed timeline for the intended research undertaking will be developed between CIRS and the successful PI, which will establish a mutually convenient calendar breakdown ‎of specific milestones.


Funds Available

All costs and logistical support associated with the two Working Groups including travel, accommodation, and honoraria will be met by CIRS, in line with university financial policy. In addition, CIRS will provide a summer research stipend of $10,000 to the successful faculty member who will be leading the faculty research initiative.


Faculty members interested in learning more about this project should correspond directly with Mehran Kamrava, CIRS Director.

Proposals need to be submitted to Zahra Babar, CIRS Associate Director for Research. Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis, with the final deadline for submission being September 1, 2015.