Islam Hassan

IslamIslam Hassan is Research Analyst at the Center for International and Regional Studies, Georgetown University in Qatar. His research interests include state-building in the Gulf states, and comparative politics and international relations of West Asia and North Africa. He recently published “The Ruling Family Security: Inclusion and Exclusion in Qatari Society” in a special issue on “Family in the Arabian Peninsula” in HAWWA: Journal of Women of the Middle East and the Islamic World (2018). He coedited “The State of Middle Eastern Youth,” a special issue of The Muslim World (2017); and authored “GCC’s 2014 Crisis: Causes, Issues and Solutions” (Al Jazeera Research Center 2015); and “Jordan on the Brink,” International Journal of Culture and History (2016).






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Edited Journal Special Issue

  1. Hassan, Islam, and Paul Dyer, guest eds. "The Muslim World: The State of Middle Eastern Youth." CIRS Special Issue of The Muslim World 107, no. 1 (January 2017).

Book Chapters

  1. Hassan, Islam. “GCC’s 2014 Crisis: Causes, Issues and Solutions.” In Gulf Cooperation Council’s Challenges and Prospects, edited by Jamal Abdullah, 78-86. Doha: Al Jazeera Research Center, 2015.
  2. Islam Hassan. “Alkhilafaat Alkhaleejiya Alkhaleejiya: Alasbaab, Alqadaiya, wa Aliyat Alhal.” In Maseerat Alta’awon Alkhaleeji, edited by Jamal Abdullah, 51-6. Doha: Al Jazeera Research Center, 2015.

Conference Papers

  1. Hassan, Islam. “Ruling Family Hegemony and National Identity in Qatar.” The Gulf Conference. University of Exeter, United Kingdom, July 2017.
  2. Hassan, Islam. “Ruling Family Security and National Identity in Qatar.” The Liberal State and its Alternatives in the Indian Ocean Annual Conference. Georgetown University in Qatar, March 2017.
  3. Hassan, Islam. “Ruling Family Security: The Problem of National Identity in Qatar.” International Studies Association Annual Conference. Baltimore, Maryland, February 2017.

Forthcoming Publications

  1. Hassan, Islam. “The Ruling Family Security: Inclusion and Exclusion in Qatari Society.”
  2. Hassan, Islam. “The UAE: A Small State with Middle Power Aspirations."

Book reviews

  1. Hassan, Islam. Review of Modernity and the Museum in the Arabian Peninsula, by Karen Exell. Museum and Society 16, no. 3 (2018): 416-8.


  1. Hassan, Islam. “Introduction.” In Youth in the Middle East, CIRS Summary Report no. 15 (Doha: Center for International & Regional Studies, 2016).