Islam Hassan

Edited Journal Special Issue


Book Chapters

  • Hassan, Islam. “GCC’s 2014 Crisis: Causes, Issues and Solutions.” In Gulf Cooperation Council’s Challenges and Prospects, edited by Jamal Abdullah, 78-86. Doha: Al Jazeera Research Center, 2015.
  • Islam Hassan. “Alkhilafaat Alkhaleejiya Alkhaleejiya: Alasbaab, Alqadaiya, wa Aliyat Alhal,” In Maseerat Alta’awon Alkhaleeji, edited by Jamal Abdullah, 51-6. Doha: Al Jazeera Research Center, 2015.

Conference Papers

  • Hassan, Islam. “Ruling Family Hegemony and National Identity in Qatar.” The Gulf Conference. University of Exeter, United Kingdom, July 2017
  • Hassan, Islam. “Ruling Family Security and National Identity in Qatar.” The Liberal State and its Alternatives in the Indian Ocean Annual Conference. Georgetown University in Qatar, March 2017.
  • Hassan, Islam. “Ruling Family Security: The Problem of National Identity in Qatar.” International Studies Association Annual Conference. Baltimore, Maryland, February 2017.

Forthcoming Publications

  • Hassan, Islam. “Family, Marriage, and Social Stratification in Qatari Society.”
  • Hassan, Islam. “The Ruling Family Security: Inclusion and Exclusion in Qatari Society.”
  • Hassan, Islam. “The UAE: A Small State with Middle Power Aspirations.”