A Warm Doha Greeting from all of us at CIRS! We have yet another exciting year planned. As in the past, our activities and our mission will be informed by a commitment to academic excellence, visionary thinking, and community engagement. Our primary concern at CIRS is to foster a forum for the flow and exchange of ideas, quiet and contemplative dialogue, and meaningful involvement in the larger community of which we are a part.

With these guiding principles shaping a vision of ourselves and our mission in the coming years, our focus is in four primary areas: research and scholarship; faculty engagementpublications; community outreach; and student enrichment. In each of these areas, we are taking significant steps that, both individually and collectively, will greatly enrich the intellectual lives of Georgetown, Qatar, and beyond.

In the area of research and scholarship, we sponsor a number of working groups, bringing together international teams of experts and practitioners for seminars on topics of contemporary significance. As always, our goal is to present diverse scholarly analyses regarding these important and timely topics.

In addition, CIRS hosts a variety of other scholarly endeavors such as discussion Panels, a Distinguished Lecture series, and also a Dialogue Series, which features our faculty’s on-going research for a smaller audience.

CIRS’s scholarly efforts have resulted in several English and Arabic language publications, including Books, Occasional Papers, an Asia Papers seriesSummary Reports in English and Arabic, Briefs, Newsletters, among other publications.

Looking ahead, we hope to do more of the same—more publications, more community outreach, more collaborative efforts, and more research and scholarship—and to do it better. Along the way, we are eagerly looking forward to serving you and other members of the community in Doha, in Washington, DC, and beyond.



Mehran Kamrava