Occasional Papers

CIRS publishes original research on a variety of topics of relevance to the Middle East in general and to the Gulf region in particular. CIRS invites manuscript submissions for its Occasional Paper series throughout the year. Papers dealing with issues of relevance to the Persian Gulf are accepted from all disciplines. CIRS Occasional Papers are registered under ISSN 2072-5957.

Please see submission guidelines. Papers should be sent to cirsresearch@georgetown.edu. By submitting work to CIRS, the author agrees to the following Copyright Agreement.



Fred Lawson CIRS Occasional Paper 14Implications of the 2011-13 Syrian Uprising for the Middle Eastern Regional Security Complex

Fred H. Lawson, Mills College




Dorraj Entessar CIRS Occasional Paper 13Iran's Northern Exposure: Foreign Policy Challenges in Eurasia

Manochehr Dorraj, Texas Christian University, and Nader Entessar, University of South Alabama


Michael Driessen Occasional PaperReligious Democracy and Civilizational Politics:
Comparing Political Islam and Political Catholicism

Michael Driessen, Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at John Cabot University; 2011-2012 CIRS Post-Doctoral Fellow


Mari Luomi Occasional PaperQatar’s Natural Sustainability: Plans, Perceptions, and Pitfalls

Mari Luomi, Research Associate at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar; 2011-2012 CIRS Post-Doctoral Fellow




Fred Lawson Occasional Paper

Transformations of Regional Economic Governance in the Gulf Cooperation Council

Fred H. Lawson, Mills College




Kasim Randeree Occasional PaperWorkforce Nationalization in the Gulf Cooperation Council States

Kasim Randeree, University of Oxford




Zahra Babar Occasional Paper

Free Mobility within the Gulf Cooperation Council

Zahra R. Babar, CIRS, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar




Matthew Gray Occasional Paper

A Theory of "Late Rentierism" in the Arab States of the Gulf

Matthew Gray, Australian National University





Kristian Coates Ulrichsen Occasional Paper

The GCC States and the Shifting Balance of Global Power

Kristian Coates Ulrichsen, London School of Economics




Alan Weber Occasional Paper

Web-Based Learning in Qatar and the GCC States

Alan S. Weber, Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar




James Onley Occasional PaperBritain and the Gulf Shaikhdoms, 1820-1971: The Politics of Protection

James Onley, University of Exeter




Steve Wright Occasional Paper

Fixing the Kingdom: Political Evolution and Socio-Economic Challenges in Bahrain

Steven Wright, Qatar University
2008, 2010



Renee Richer Occasional Paper Conservation in Qatar: Impacts of Increasing Industrialization

Renee Richer, Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar
2008, 2009


Patricia Fagen Occasional PaperIraqi Refugees: Seeking Stability in Syria and Jordan

Patricia Weiss Fagen, Georgetown University
2007, 2009