CIRS Briefs are edited transcripts of lectures hosted by CIRS or concise academic articles. They are designed to make contact with a wider readership and extend CIRS activities towards interested members of the public. 

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 Cover of Zakaryya Abdel-HadyThe Masjid, Yesterday and Today 
Zakaryya Abdel-Hady




 Cover of Rami Khouri Briefأميركا، الشرق الأوسط، والخليج نظرة عربية إلى التحديات التي تواجه الإدارة الأميركية الجديده  
رامي خوري




Cover of Hassan HanafiNew Directions in Islamic Thought 
Hassan Hanafi




 Cover of Rami Khouri BriefAmerica, the Middle East, and the Gulf: An Arab View of Challenges Facing the Next U.S. Administration  
Rami Khouri

August 24, 2008


Cover of Cynthia Schneider BriefAmerican Public Diplomacy After the Bush Presidency
Cynthia Schneider
October 19, 2008


Cover of Ghannam and El-Zein Brief

Reflecting on the Life and Work of Mahmoud Darwish
Ambassador Munir Ghannam and Professor Amira El-Zein
October 22, 2008